HLB Zambia consultants will work closely with you to find the right solution.
HLB Zambia consulting is specialised for the design, development and provision of innovative consulting services for businesses. From our vast experience, we are setting up a continuous quality improvement system with a view to better help entrepreneurs carry out their business projects. For entrepreneurs who use HLB Zambia consulting, we are committed to quality and consistent services from coast to coast.

Providing ‘Consulting Services’ as a business insider makes all the difference
Due to the fact that HLB Zambia member firms is providing Accounting & Payroll, Auditing, Taxation, Consulting & Advisory, Corporate Financing, Company Formation and much more. Being a ‘Full-Service provider’ we are able to let you participate with our experience in these fields. In our opinion it makes a huge difference if you are an ‘insider’.

Every business deal brings a specific set of challenges requiring specialist knowledge and experience. HLB International member firms provide businesses with corporate finance advice and support across a range of issues, drawing on the resources, expertise and experience from around the world.
Services provided by HLB Reliance (Zambia) member firms include:
Inward investment to Zambia
Business transformation
Management consulting
Corporate consulting
Finance & Accounting consulting
HR & Payroll consulting
IT consulting
Corporate tax consulting provided by our ‘competence network’ partners
Corporate legal consulting provided by our ‘competence network’ partners

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