Outsourcing your payroll services to an external company has a lot of advantages. The most important advantages are the reductions of costs related to the operation of an enterprise, such as the costs of maintaining qualify employment posts, purchase of necessary computer hardware, payroll software and the confidentiality of salaries. Thus, the outsourcing of payroll services is becoming an increasingly popular solution used by enterprises.

Our expertise

Preparation and process the monthly payroll

Monthly provision of relevant payroll reports as required by the client

Registration of NAPSA Social Security Numbers (SSN) and Tax Payer Identification Numbers (TPINs) for new employees

Printing of pay statements for each employee on special confidential pay slip paper

Management of employee leave days and commutations

Extraction of employee and data reports

Wiring of the funds to the individual employee accounts

Preparation and submission of monthly PAYE and NAPSA returns and payments

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